10 Festive Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

This article was published on December 3rd, 2018

The festive season is upon us, and we all love a little decoration for the holidays. Are you worried that your small space can’t handle them? Here are 10 festive decorating ideas for small spaces.

1. Miniature trees:

Just because it’s not a full tree, doesn’t make it less festive! If your home can’t handle a traditional tree, choose a smaller one. Mini-trees will give you the same result, and you can choose from a ready-made one, or go for a tree top and add all your favorite ornaments to it. This can also be a great base to arrange the presents around.

2. Use your tables:

Christmas centerpieces are easy to make and are an easy way to get into the festive spirit. Using candles, cinnamon sticks, candles and roses on your coffee table or dining table will instantly add to the holiday theme in the house.

3. Use your walls:
You can always use your walls to add all kinds of decorations. You can create a tree and fasten it to the wall, or easily add stockings or ornaments

4. Make a window display:

Make it a winter wonderland! Decorating your windows with spray snow and ornaments is a great way to not only add to the festive theme, but also to add a little wintery decorations as well.

5. Use your furniture:
Bookshelves and comfortable are great for using as a base for your decorations. You can hand a wreath from the side table, or hang ornaments from your bookshelves.

6. Try and make some room:
Shift some of your year-round items like photo frames, figurines or accessories around, and make some space for a few festive items.

7. Decorate your door:

One of the easiest things you can do is use your door. Adding ornaments, a wreath and even some stockings is a great way to decorate.

8. Use items you already have:

The items you have at home can easily help you decorate for Christmas. Hang ornaments from a lamp, spray paint or decorate a bowl for the occasion. These items are already in your home, so you might as well use them!

9. It’s all about color:
Green, white and red are staple festive season colors. Playing around with these colors will have a huge impact in creating a festive motif and will easily help you decorate the room.

10. Display gifts:
If you can, display gifts around the house, be it under the small tree, in a corner, or on a table. If you don’t want to uncover what these gifts are just yet, you will get the same result if you wrap empty shoeboxes!

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