10 tips for video call etiquette

This article was published on March 30th, 2020

So many of us are now working from home in Bahrain and around the world, and are using video calls to stay in touch. Here are out top 10 tips for video call etiquette

1. Be on time. Think of this as a one on one meeting, which means you shouldn’t be late.

2. Turn your video on. It’s okay if you’re in your car or your living room, or if your child is in your background, everyone understands that this is a home.

3. Look at your surroundings. Always remember to be in a tidy area, but showing personality is more than okay. Kids drawings or your pet in the background is a normal sight to see.

4. Before joining the call, make sure the people at home are aware of this. Not only will it help minimize noise, but it can also eliminate the possibility of embarrassing moments!

5. If possible, keep your mic on, but if the situation is beyond your control, and you are in a noisy environment, then stay muted.

6. Stay focused on the call, participants can see if you’re checking your emails or your phone.

7. Is the call being recorded? Ensure that everyone on the call knows about that, and why you are doing so.

8. Be yourself. Everyone knows that you are not in the office, so it’s normal that you might not have a proper desk or a white background. As long as it’s respectful of the situation, it’s perfectly fine.

9. Use the area with the best WIFI connection at home – it makes the call much easier and smoother.

10. Small social talk is okay. If you’re early to the meeting or have a few minutes at the end, catching up with colleagues is perfectly normal.

Stay home, and stay safe.

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