25 Entertaining Things to Do At Home with the Kids

This article was published on March 19th, 2020

Social distancing has been encouraged as the current situation in Bahrain continues to have an effect on communities. For those of you at home with kids, here are 25 entertaining things you can do to make the situation more fun:

1. Play Indoor hide and seek

2. Test out a new recipe

3. Create a castle using blankets, pillows, and sheets

4. As a family, play video games, bored games, puzzles.

5. And make them into contests!

6. Try camping indoors

7. Play dress up

8. Enlist your kids to help teach the pet a new trick

9. Why not have an indoor picnic?

10. Read your favorite books

11. Blow bubbles!

12. Pass the time with arts and crafts, and drawing, writing, singing…

13. Everyone loves a pizza party!

14. Teach them a new game

15. Have fun teaching them how to juggle

16. Make up a dance together

17. Make paper airplanes and see whose flies the furthest.

18. Have a movie marathon

19. Have breakfast in bed

20. Clean out your closets

21. Redecorate a room or two in the house

22. Have a sing along!

23. Decorate t-shirts

24. Enjoy looking at old photos

25. Have a popcorn party!

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