Four easy steps to create better property listings!

Are your listings not getting enough leads or visibility? 

There are four key ingredients to generate better listings and gain qualified leads, and it’s all about presentation. How you showcase yourself in an ocean of listings is crucial, so let’s look at some of our top tips to get the best out of your listings.

1- Stick with the basics 👕
Avoid large paragraphs to keep your listings short and sweet! End-users prefer short, precise pieces of information, as opposed to long paragraphs, where they will end up filtering through all that content to see if it matches what they’re looking for. Try using bullet points for at least these 3 categories: Property Features, Facilities, and Nearby Landmarks. This will help the potential leads view your listing in you

2- Capture the best angle 📸

Now not all pictures will be perfect, but it’s important to use your best picture as the main photo of the property. Try to find the picture with the widest angle and best lighting. Lastly, avoid using photos in portrait mode; make sure they are in landscape format!  

3- Leverage your USP 💎

Use your unique selling point (USP) in your property title. This can include “sea view”, “private pool”, “free gym” or “private parking” to attract people with a common interest. 

4- Quality Score Check!🏆

Ensure your Quality Score is 100% by checking the following boxes:

  • Your title is 30-47 characters long ✅
  • Your description is 750-2000 characters long ✅
  • You have uploaded 10 photos ✅
  • You have put your full location ✅