Add a Ramadan Touch to your Home

This article was published on May 1st, 2019


The Holy Month is almost here, and many of us like to add a few Ramadan touches to our homes to get into the spirit of the month. Here’s how you can add a Ramadan touch to your home.

1. Lanterns:

Lanterns are the epitome of Ramadan! You can add different lanterns in different shapes and colors around the house, and even hang some from the ceiling.

2. Star and Crescent:
The main symbols for Ramadan also make for great decorations. They will instantly add a Ramadan touch to any space. You can add them on your balcony, on tables or even on your door.

3. A dates display:
Dates look as good as they taste! Creating a display made out of dates and placing it on the dining table or coffee table will make a great addition!

4. Incense
Burning incense around your home is also a good idea!

5. Lights:
Ramadan is at a time this year where it’s cool enough to sit outside. If you do have an outdoor space, add a few lights, which are available in different sizes and shapes for a great effect.

6. Centerpieces:

A centerpiece made out dried fruits and dates, assorted sweets and nuts is a great addition to you Ramadan theme at home, and makes for a great focal point on your table.

7. Candles:

The different types of candles that are available will make it much easier for you to add a Ramadan touch to your home, especially that many styles have an arabesque touch to them, and include crescents and stars.

Ramadan Kareem!

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