Adeel Ajaz
Managing Director
Bayut Properties

Over the last couple of decades, The Kingdom of Bahrain’s real estate market has seen many changes, from Adliya being the preferred location for many expats residing in the Kingdom in the eighties to Juffair becoming the number one choice in current times.

The eighties saw the areas of Adliya, Mahooz, Zinj, and Um Al Hasam become the most popular choice among many expatriates, as it is a central location and home to many popular restaurants, supermarkets such as Al-Jazira Supermarket, and the very popular British Club that made Adliya the obvious choice for many.

The trend changed later on as Saar came to prominence, and many expat families started relocating and looking for community living in compounds, which featured large swimming pools, private gardens, party halls, and tennis courts. Having its location very close to the Saudi Causeway made it an attractive proposition to those working in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, as it made it easier for their daily commute.

The last decade has seen the Juffair become the number one destination for smaller families and couples, with its many attractions such-as Malls featuring cinemas, supermarkets, and coffee shops, together and the emergence of the new state-of-the art towers which don’t require you to set a foot out as it covers everything from grocery stores to tennis courts, business centres, and kids play areas, as well as it’s a prominent location which is easily accessible. During the pandemic and as most travel and other recreation activities came to a halt the demand for villas in areas like Janabiya, Hamala, Jasra, and Saar soared. As social distancing prompted many families to look for properties with more amenities such as private pools, larger private gardens, and bigger space in general, this created a demand for these specific properties to ease living in times of heavy restrictions.

New areas and development projects like Diyar AlMuharraq and Dilmunia will play a major role in the Kingdom’s real estate market in the coming years. They offer a unique lifestyle that provides direct beach, mall accessibility, excellent infrastructure, private schools, public parks, and a unique traditional indoor Souq. New area developments have created a high-end luxury feel in the form of apartments, villas, and beach front villas for both locals and expats available to buy or rent. These locations offer a quiet secluded environment, and provide tenants with all their necessary needs as well as additional entertainment and luxury facilities. Such areas prove to be very attractive to the newer generation of locals who like to live on the go and co-exist in blended communities at work, home and for their socialising.

The emergence of these new developments and residency plans sure promises to be an exciting period for the Kingdom’s real estate market and future trends.

This article was published as part of the eighth edition of Property Finder Bahrain’s Trends Report.