Design Do’s and Don’ts

There’s a certain wisdom that comes with home décor. And while we understand that your home style is a personal choice, there are a few essential design do’s and don’ts that everyone should follow.


Don’t use a white color scheme if you have kids:

White carpets or furniture is a big no-no with kids, simply because it is not feasible to keep cleaning them! You may like the way they look but keeping them in tip top shape will be a hassle.

Don’t ignore synergy:
Yes, you can experiment with a few different styles at home, but the overall theme and atmosphere should have a combined element and come together as one theme.

Don’t go overboard:
Remember, there is a subtle line when it comes to having a stylish home, and a space that is overflowing with design elements. Not every aspect of the house needs to be decorated down to a T, so make sure that you also factor in comfort.

Don’t forget statement pieces:

We love statement pieces and cannot stress how much of an impact they have on a home. Yes, you will probably need to splurge on a statement piece, but the effect it will have on your space will be worth the investment.

Don’t make everything symmetrical:
Different symmetry in rooms is actually encouraged! Try adding art or furniture at uneven angles, which will by itself add an element of style to the space.


Do use bold colors:
The use of color is important in any space, and even more so in a smaller home. Using color will easily make the whole house feel more colorful and playful, which is a great design asset.

Do trust your inner style:
Each and every one of us has a specific style that we identify with the most. This should be reflected in your home. Whether it’s a specific color combination, a type of texture, or a theme, use those inner styles for inspiration in your décor!

Pay attention to details:
Doors, entrances, and other areas in your home should all be a part of your design plan. Designing a door for example, elevates its purpose, and it can easily create a sense of light and openness in any space.

Do combine textures:

A more sophisticated design element can be introduced through combining textures. Materials for rugs, carpets, couches and curtain does not have to be uniform – on the contrary, playing around with textures is a great way to add a sense of style to any room.

Do use correctly-sized rugs:

Rule of thumb: The corners of your rug should float under your furniture or should extend beyond it. If you use a smaller size, it will instantly make the room feel smaller.

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