Guidelines for virtual viewings

Here are our recommended guidelines for virtual viewings!

Start the viewing with an introduction including:

– Your name:
– Your company name:
– Details of the property you are showing us, e.g. For sale, or rent / 2 bed / location / view / price
You will then have a platform of 3-5 minutes to display the highlights of this property.

Video times are kept at a cap to ensure engagement of audience and attention span.

At the end, please clearly state your contact details and what you are doing during these extenuating circumstances to facilitate rentals/sales.

Points to note:
Smartphones can produce high-quality videos as long as you consider the following:

– Good natural lighting and sound (limit background noise), with a steady hand
– Film videos in landscape mode, preferably
– Plan your video in advance to ensure an efficient shoot.
– Start by walking the camera through the front door, and on a house route that makes sense, and shows off the property to the max
– Select 3 hero features to spend a little longer on – a view, an upgraded kitchen, etc.
– If possible, caption your video, as many people will watch without sound (platforms like YouTube have built-in caption tools to help with this).

Do’s and Don’ts:

– Make sure you have a stable 4G or Wi-Fi connection
– Make sure the picked property has electricity power, or filmed under daylight, all the rooms have to be lightened up
– Make sure the place is tidy
– Speak clearly and don’t obstruct the mic

– Don’t film the ground or your shoes, always keep the phone facing you, in a stable way
– Don’t start to film if you didn’t check the place first and ensure everything is set up

Please send your videos to 

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