How to Upgrade Your Outdoor Area

This article was published on September 1, 2020

We can finally enjoy the outdoors again, now that the weather is cooling down a bit in Bahrain. Here are some ways that you can revamp your outdoor area:

1. Use lights creatively

2. Use flowers and plants

3. Try and grow some fresh produce, like mint and basil, for example

4. Liven the seating area, with throws, cushions or rugs.

5. Try adding a fence around the garden

6. Put in a fire pit

7. Highlight your entrance

8. Keep the garden tidy, and make repairs where needed

9. Use a speaker for some music

10. Add some colors – this can be used furniture and wall, or within the accessories

11. Create a shaded area

12. Add a hammock or a swing

13. If you have the budget, and the space, add a grill!

14. Add wooden panels to the walls for a statement

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