Nine things to keep you busy at home

This article was published on March 24th, 2020

Nine ideas to keep you busy at home while social distancing in Bahrain

1. Pick up that book….

You know that book that’s been on your shelf collecting dust? Pick it up and catch up on your reading!

2. Spring cleaning:
Get an early start on your yearly spring cleaning. And if you need help on areas that you always forget to clean, click here!

3. Clean out your closet:
Cleaning out your closet and decluttering will help you get some peace of mind. Use this time to organized and rearrange your closet. Click here for some tips!

4. Unleash your creativity:
If you’re a writer, a musician or an artist, this is the time to develop your skill. Something to keep your mind active and working.

5. Keep in touch with friends and family:
Thanks to technology and social media, staying in touch with friends and family is easier than ever. So, while social distancing is now being implemented all over the world, you can still pick up the phone and check in on your loved ones.

6. Spend some time in the kitchen:

Take this time and learn a few new recipes and cook some new meals that you and your family can enjoy together at home.

7. Take a class or learn a new skill:
The availability of online classes and tutorials is immense. Sign up for a class or learn a new skill that will help you keep your mind working, all from the safety of your house.

8. Have a movie marathon:

Get comfortable on the couch and watch movies, start a new series or re-watch some of your favorites. Don’t forget the popcorn!

9. Do nothing…. and relax:
We rarely have the opportunity to slow down in this fast life. It’s very important to have a positive outlook about the current situation, which is something we can all use at this time.

Stay home, and stay safe.

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