Nine Vacation spots for the Eid Holiday

This article was published on May 27th, 2019


Here are a number of vacation destinations that you can consider for the upcoming Eid break.

1. Salalah:

Salalah’s weather makes it perfect for anyone looking for a cooler destination that is a short flight away. The monsoon season that is unique to Salalah transforms it into a beautiful haven, perfect for a quick getaway.

2. Sri Lanka:

What makes Sri Lanka a great vacation spot is that it is budget friendly, and also offers visitors beaches and exploration trips as well. So, whether its relaxation or excitement you’re after, you can find it in Sri Lanka.

3. The Maldives:

The ultimate relaxation retreat, the Maldives islands are known for their lux hotels that offer a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, as well as beautiful beaches.

4. Prague:

A very popular touristic destination in the summer time, so make sure you’re ready to brave the crowd during this time. It’s also a great time to explore the city on foot, or enjoy a day on the beach.

5. Turkey:

Turkey offers it all – from historical sites in Ankara, or city excursion in Istanbul, or beach breaks in Antalya, Tukey has something to offer everyone!

6. Italy:

The ever-popular Venice, Florence and Milan are just the starting point when it comes to exploring this country, with so much to do and so many locations to visit when exploring Italy.

7. Mauritius:

Mauritius weather is the opposite of Bahrain, meaning June will technically have spring temperatures. This makes it perfect for exploring the area, or to enjoy a relaxing day by the beach.

8. Croatia:

A slightly longer flight than the other destinations, visiting Croatia in June is perfect for those who want to enjoy the city and the weather without the high number of summer tourists. From historical sites to beautiful beaches, Croatia is a great choice for a vacation!

9. Tanzania:

Looking for a safari adventure as well as a beautiful coast to enjoy? Look no further than Tanzania in June, which is the start of the dry season, and a breathtaking destination for a vacation!

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