Meet our Outstanding Agent for September – Sheila McEwan from Property Locators

Congratulations to Sheila for being chosen as September’s Outstanding Agent!

Sheila’s experience in the market has enabled her to build great relationships with clients, which has resulted in great feedback and referral business over the years. As a well-organized person who ensures to give detailed and accurate information to her clients, Sheila has created a name for herself in the market, and has enjoyed great success in Bahrain over the last decade.

Q&A with Sheila:

 1. What is one thing you do as a broker that differentiates you from others?
As a broker who has worked in the industry for over ten years, I think I have an understanding of what the client requires, and would go that extra mile in order for the client to feel completely satisfied and happy with their property once concluded.

2. How has Property Finder helped your company succeed in the market?
Property Finder has helped our company enormously; the site is very easy to use and has broadened our market in terms of clients, which in essence, allows us to become a more successful company and more prominent in the Bahrain real estate market.  We feel there is no other provider who has assisted our agents in the same way as Property Finder.

3. Finish this sentence “I love Bahrain because…”
… the people are welcoming of all cultures and are very easy to live with. The island is vibrant and forward thinking: it’s a very special place.

Congratulations once again to Sheila!

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