The Kingdom’s Robust Real Estate Sector: A Market Insight from Industry Expert, by: Dr. Maher Al Shaer Chief Executive Officer Diyar Al Muharraq  

by: Dr. Maher Al Shaer
Chief Executive Officer
Diyar Al Muharraq


Bahrain’s real estate market has witnessed robust economic performance in the past decade, making it one of the most attractive and stable industries in the region, despite the more cautious market movements in the last couple of years. The Kingdom’s property sector has proven to be resilient, riding a surge in real estate activity. 

Bahrain remains to be an attractive real estate market with the unveiling of new residential projects, commercial, retail and hospitality offerings and recovery of mixed-use offerings previously put on hold – a true reflection of the market’s revived confidence. Fuelling the industry further is Bahrain’s appeal to foreigners looking to relocate to the region, as well as the great strides taken by the local government to boost tourism, all of which combined are opening up new prospects and facilitating the industry to thrive.

Renowned for being a business-friendly investment oasis due to its diversified economy, Bahrain continues to occupy its place as an appealing investment location, especially for international investors. Although Bahrain is geographically small in comparison to neighbouring countries in the GCC region, Bahrain is the most cost-effective destination for business. Due to its growing economy, Bahrain offers significant potential and opportunities for investors and provides a business infrastructure that is designed to help companies flourish.

A rapidly growing population, high purchasing power and quality of life are still very attractive to foreigners looking for better jobs and all these factors provide a great framework for the real estate industry to thrive.Bahrain has proven its ability to overcome crisis, face various economic challenges and successfully adapt to them, making it the favoured real estate market. 

With the decline in oil prices, there has been a government push to diversify the economy in the Kingdom and the tourism sector is one that has tremendously grown with new efforts focused on creating new attractions as well as land and maritime leisure activities to attract new visitors and encourage longer stays. Bahrain has also focused on diversifying into new source markets for inbound leisure, business and group travel.

The oil price decline has also affected the way investors search for opportunities. tThey have turned their interest towards real estate and are entering into a number of profitable real estate deals, which has made Bahrain a safe haven for investment.

The investment opportunities in Bahrain are limitless with rental rates for properties at a much lower rate than any other nation in the GCC. The real estate sector offers a wealth of opportunities not only for those seeking homes but also for business ventures and investors, large and small. Let us take Diyar Al Muharraq for instance, the master-planned infrastructure was developed to boost economic growth. Beyond investment opportunities for homeowners, the commercial offering available in Diyar Al Muharraq reflects the development’s cosmopolitan and inclusive ethos.