Mostafa Awad
Sales Marketing Officer
Arabian Homes Properties

During this period, a number of real estate agents were finding it challenging to find clients who were looking for a good property with a reasonable price; in reality, most clients were looking for properties including facilities at the lowest price possible. In addition, a very small portion of property owners were willing to reduce rents, which made closing deals even more difficult, especially with a high number of available units in the market.

Clients need you to listen to their concerns Only shrewd agents were able to close deals by showing clients the positive aspects in their stock; but how did they do that? To be a successful real estate agent, you must be aware of the market movement, and as well, understand the way of thinking of most clients. Some agents burnt deals by choosing the wrong property to offer to their clients, because they did not take the time to understand what it is the client is actually looking for.

What can a registered agency do for you? This is what you can learn if you join a well-planned, organized and registered real estate agency, which will guide and support you with all the right tools to close as many deals as possible. The majority of freelance agents focus on commission only and disregard other important factors that are vital for success in real estate. First impressions in this industry are very important and they play a role from the very start. Which is why creating this first impression is crucial for your success.

How can you win as an investor in this pandemic? Investors also have a lot to gain during this pandemic, by finding the most popular and in demand areas in Bahrain to invest in, as well as looking into buying the right property with the best price according to the market situation. Investors, owners and landlords should also find ways to keep their units occupied, especially during tough circumstances. Offering special discounts, on a case by case basis, or delaying payments if possible, goes a long way with creating loyalty with tenants.

Agents and investors

In this industry, being a shrewd and savvy agent is a must; honesty, follow up with all parties involved and transparency are some of the most important attributes of a successful agent. Referrals are usually a great source of business, and referrals can be created by being an understanding agent who is willing to go the extra mile for clients. Real estate investment is one of the most lucrative investment opportunities available. But investors need to be patient and understand the market as well as the buyers/renter’s conditions. And remember, the more you invest, the more you will gain.

This article was published as part of the sixth edition of Property Finder Bahrain’s Trends Report.