Things to consider when moving to a family-friendly house

This article was published on June 16th, 2020

Moving homes with children is a whole different experience. Here are some factors you should consider to ensure that you and your family feel happy and safe at home in Bahrain.

1. Safety:

This is the most important factor in any family home – a safe environment both in and outside of the house. Consider the furniture if the home is furnished, the layout of the home and the electrical sockets, for example. What would work best for you? An open plan kitchen, or a closed one. If you have a garden, can you place a fence around it so that the children can play safely? Does it have a pool? Can you close it off as well? Think of all these aspects before making a decision.

2. Size:

Children needs space! They are noisy and active. We understand that this is not always an option, but if its within your budget, a bigger house should definitely be an option. Take it from us – you will feel more comfortable there!

3. Location:
Preferably, you should be centrally located. And while being near nurseries, schools, malls and parks is important, you should also try and be near a hospital or a health care facility, in case it is needed.

4. Storage:

This is a point that many ignore, but having storage is so important for families! Toys, clothes, equipment – all these will most likely need to be stored, which is why you need storage space. If the unit does not have built in storage areas, does it at least have the space to add storage cabinets, drawers, etc.…

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