Three advantages of buying off-plan properties, Bashar Al Ahmadi  CEO, Orchid Developers

Bashar Al Ahmadi
Orchid Developers

Orchid Developers is one of the first developers to offer freehold commercial and residential projects in Bahrain. We have successfully delivered more than 1,500 units to satisfied customers to date, with several projects currently under development across the island.

Although some people hesitate to purchase off-plan property for personal use or as an investment, choosing an established developer with a proven track record of high-quality construction is key to minimising the perceived risks. This allows you to protect your investment and enjoy the benefits of being the first in line.

Some of the advantages of off-plan property investment are:

  1. They are available at a substantial discount compared to an existing property. Sometimes even greater discounts are available to those looking to purchase multiple units. The construction period also allows for additional time for investment growth and even provides you with an opportunity to see an early return if you choose to sell pre-completion.
  1. You are not required to pay the total amount of the purchase price in advance and can often find very attractive payment plan schemes spread over two or three years. This is especially attractive for someone looking to budget their purchase or investors who would prefer having such large sums of money work for them elsewhere while the construction of the building is completed.
  1. With the current state of the economy, banks are offering record-low interest rates for money deposited in savings accounts while inflation continues to climb. Investing in off-plan real estate provides you with a higher return, even when considering modest rates. As a matter of fact, customers who have invested with us in off-plan projects are currently enjoying up to 14 percent annual return and have increased their investment by up to 30 percent.
  1. A combination of an off-plan purchase and bank loan over seven years in Bahrain will provide 500 percent return on investment. This can only materialise in Bahrain.

When choosing an off-plan project, there are several factors you need to consider to maximise your return on investment, maintain occupancy for rentals and uphold resale value:

  • Location, location, location
  • The layout is timeless, tasteful and desirable
  • Quality of the finishing
  • Convenient and attractive amenities such as pool, gym, and party hall
  • Maintenance fee charges