Tips for moving houses during the pandemic

This article was published on June 9th , 2020

It’s evident that COVID 19 has disturbed everyday life in Bahrain ,and around the world. But there are things in life that still need to take place – like moving houses. Here’s what you need to consider if you’re moving houses during the pandemic.

1. Use fresh packing materials and supplies:

It’s the norm to head to supermarkets and stores when we’re looking for boxes, but if possible, to minimize risk, try and purchase new boxes and material for packing.

2. Sanitize the new unit:
Many companies are now promising that units will be sanitized before new tenants move in. But should that not apply to your new home, search for companies who can come in, sanitize and deep clean the home before your move in date.

3. Research your options:
It can be quit challenging to move without using movers if you have the bulk of furniture and appliances. So before committing to a moving company, as them questions. What are they doing to ensure safe operations? Are they committed to hygiene and safety? This will keep you mind at ease during the move.

4. Keep extra resources available:

Make sure you have an abundance of gloves, masks, sanitizers and wipes, for you, your friends, your family and even the movers!

5. Practice social distancing:
Try and keep a safe distance between you and anyone “new” coming into your home. Try and stay in a separate room when things are being transported out of the house, or ask to have items packed while you’re at the new house, getting things ready there.

6. Think of your family members:

If you have any elderly family members or young children, or family members with health issues, arrange for them to be away for the day, or have them wait for you at the new property.

Stay safe!

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