Tips for storing and maintaining your outdoor furniture

This article was published on July 22nd, 2019

Many of us opt to store our outdoor furniture during the hot and humid summer months in Bahrain. This is an important step to keep your patio, garden and balcony furniture in top condition for future use. Here are some tips:

1. Cushions:

– Remove off the covers when applicable and wash them carefully.
– Store them indoors, in a clean and dry area.
– For those who are storing the items outdoor, make sure that the cushions are fully covered.

2. Wicker:

-Scrub and brush the surfaces of the furniture fully, and make sure they are clean before storing them.
– Apply humidity repellent or oi to the ends of the furniture pieces.

3. Use covers:
Individually covered pieces is the best solution to keep furniture safe and dry. You can also use dust covers.

4. Manage Mold:
Mold can be easily managed if you catch it early. If any of the furniture has mold on it, scrub it thoroughly to remove the mold. While this depends on the material, it usually is a good way to get rid of mold. Remember to use gloves!

5. Make repairs:

Make any needed repairs before you place the items in storage. Do they need to be painted, or need to be polished? Take a good look and assess what is needed.

6. Stack them:
When you’re ready to finally store your furniture, the best way to do so is in a clean, dry room, with the pieces stacked with feet off the floor.

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