Use these tips to elevate your listings and rank higher in property searches

Use these tips to elevate your listings and rank higher in property searches

1. Title:

One of the most important pieces of text on your listings is the title, as it is what the end user sees first. Adding catchy keywords such as inclusive, private pool, etc.… Our latest Trends report includes the most popular keywords that end users are looking for. Remember, you title needs to include 30-50 characters.

2. Description:

Our research shows that 50% of site visitors click on the “read more” section on the property details section. Providing details about the property is a massive opportunity for you to attract more end users and generate quality leads. Remember to mention unique features and selling points. Your listing description can vary from 750 to 2,000 characters. Using popular keywords in your description will also make it easier for house hunters to find your properties. Remember to include all the available amenities as well.

3. Images:
The photos you add to your listings are perhaps the most important tool at your disposal. This gives the end user the first glance into your units, and will create that important first impressions. Property Finder data shows that 70% of users browse through the photos when clicking on a listing, and high quality photos garner, on average, 30% more clicks, and 50% more leads

– Use landscape photos
– Ensure that the photo is clear and bright – it is preferable that pictures are taken during the day.
– Showcase your unique features, such as amenities, the additional space, the view. Make sure you do not duplicate photos.
– Post high resolution and clear photos. No one wants to see pixelated or blurry photos!

4. Watermark:
Using a watermark on your images protects you. You can easily watermark your photos with a click of a button on our CRM system.

5.  Location:
Location is key! When adding a listing, or updating the details, make sure you select all four location levels so that the end user has an accurate idea of where your property is located.

BAD Muharraq Governorate
BETTER Amwaj Island, Muharraq Governorate
BEST Amwaj Avenue, Amwaj Island, Muharraq Governorate

6. Quality Score:

The recommendations above will help your listings get a 100% quality score, which means that your listings will rank higher in our site, and receive more visibility. The higher the score, the higher the visibility!

7. Virtual tours (3D Tours):

Adding 3D or virtual tours to your listings is a unique way to bring your listing to life. End users want to be able to easily view and view your units, so the 3D listings make it easier for them to do so.