7 Ways to Prepare for Ramadan From Now

This article was published on April 29th, 2019


The Holy Month of Ramadan is upon us, and for those who fast, preparing earlier for the month will make it easier to make the transition to the routine of the month. Here are some tips on how you can prepare for Ramadan.

1. Think about your food intake:

For starters, try eating moderate, cutting down on heavy and large meals, as these will tend to make it harder for you to get in to the routine of fasting.

2. Choose healthy meals:
Start by adding healthy meals into your day, and consider the types of food you’re eating. Ramadan is all about eating food that is beneficial to your body, moderately and in a healthy way.

3. Create a plan:
Creating a plan for work, working out and for your Ramadan activities is a great way to start the month. This way, you can stay focused and accomplish more.

4. Plan for healthy iftar meals:

We all day dream about food during Ramadan, but our meals do not reflect that. Instead, think of a list of healthy food you can eat throughout the month that will keep you nourished and healthy.

5. Reduce coffee:

Coffee is sometimes the hardest thing to give up during fasting hours, especially at the start of the month. Try and cut down on your caffeine intake, and try drinking decaf coffee, for a smoother transition into days without coffee.

6. Change your sleep routines:

Sleep hours change in Ramadan, and while we each have a different schedule, try and ease yourself into it before the month starts.

7. Have an early breakfast:
Sohour is a very important meal during Ramadan which we should not skip. Try and get your body ready for an early meal by eating breakfast at an easier time, which will help you get used to the early meal.

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