An agent’s guide to success, by Gary Barnes, Managing Director, GaryB Real Estate

Trust, customer satisfaction and good aftercare are crucial to clinch deals and get repeat business

Why would I choose this topic, you might ask? Because we really want to show you that we care for both customers and landlords.

One of the main aims of agents and landlords is to promote cooperation with clients. This enables repeat business, referrals and happy customers and property owners. A definite win-win situation for everyone.

1. Get to know your clients personally
One thing common between your clients and landlords is their decision to work with you. This makes it imperative to know the individual qualities of each person you work with in order to do your best work and increase their satisfaction with your business.

2. Build trust with customers and landlords
The service that you provide as a real estate agent is very important and very personal. This is why trust plays a big part in an agent-client-landlord relationship, as does being attentive to a client’s budget, goals and dreams.

3. Look after landlords
We are all trying to rent or sell properties. It is a very competitive market. We must never put the customer above the landlord. The reason is simple. A customer will stay in the property only for one or two years, depending on their situation. In some cases, they stay for a shorter period than the contract’s validity. They will then leave, but the landlord will still have his or her property. You have a chance to represent his/her property in the market again and the opportunity to clinch another deal. Therefore, do not push your landlord to the absolute maximum because they will never recommend you to their colleagues or friends for future business. So, take care of landlords; they are your main source of income. As a real estate agent, what you learn from them is invaluable. Show them you care about their property and business alike. Quality service should start and end with landlords.

4. Look after customers
A majority of your clients spend a lot of money to rent a home, office or business premises. Remember that they are here to build a new life or career in Bahrain. The service that you provide as a real estate agent is very important and personal. So, don’t just make it about closing the deal and getting a commission. Render good aftercare as well. Always be available with help and sound advice. Remember your clients may be possibly new in Bahrain and you are their main link in the real estate market. Positive feedback from your customers is one of the most useful resources to improve your level of service, enhance your reputation and get a steady flow of clients and referrals.

5. Customer satisfaction
We are all aware that high customer satisfaction is key to any company’s future success. The satisfaction of customers and landlords guarantees a qualitative and quantitative increase in market share and a steady flow of deals in the future. The popularity of online listings, marketing and media platforms means customers and landlords have strong ideas of what they are looking for when searching for properties. Showcasing that you are doing it right will increase the flow of business to your agency.

This article was published as part of the fourth edition of Property Finder Bahrain’s Trends Report