Area Watch: Amwaj Islands

Amwaj Islands is one of the most luxurious and sought after areas in Bahrain. Located in the Muharraq governorate and is northeast of the capital, Manama. It was created with a vision to offer residents of Bahrain luxurious waterside living, also providing almost ten kilometres of beachfront land. Amwaj Islands is composed of group of man-made islands and offers stunning views of the water from almost all of its residential properties. The islands include residential, commercial and serviced apartments as well as retail spaces and a marina.

The Six Island of Amwaj:
Amwaj Island is made up of six islands, each offering a unique waterfront way of living, with the properties enjoying the highest standards of finishing and modern amenities. The islands are: Tala, Najman, Asdaf, Murijan, Jood and Lulu. Amwaj is also home to Al Marsa Floating City, which is a waterfront housing development where all the houses are surrounded by deep canals, a perfect choice for boat owners, and also offering a spectacular view!

Over the past two years, Amwaj has witnessed development at an incredible rate, especially when it comes to offering its residents more services and facilities to choose from. A number of hotels, restaurants and cafes have opened up, making life on the island very convenient for its residents.

Properties for rent:

There are a number of properties for rent in Amwaj Islands, including apartments for rent and villas for rent. The homes in Amwaj Islands are some of the most luxurious units in Bahrain, and are very exclusive. Of course, as expected, rent is considerably higher than other areas, but to those who are looking for the lavish lifestyle, Amwaj is certainly the place to be.
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Properties for sale:

One reason Amwaj Island remains attractive to residents, it’s because 100% foreign ownership is allowed on the island. This means that should you wish to make an investment in real estate, you can purchase a house to call your own. Homes for sale on the island are available in different shapes and sizes in order to cater to the different needs, and range from spacious apartments for sale to stand alone villas with a private beach!
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