Villas for rent in Amwaj Islands

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Villas for rent in Amwaj Islands

With the continuous development taking place in Bahrain, the government is working hard to ensure that a high number of different developments are built and maintained, to cater to the different backgrounds and nationalities that come to live and work in Bahrain. There are a number of properties for rent in Bahrain, and residents can pick and choose of a number of residential units that will suit their needs.

One of those real estate and development projects is Amwaj, located in Al Muharraq governorate, which is the third largest area in Bahrain, and offer residents a number of apartment rentals. Al Muharraq is a very heavily populated area, and offers residents a look into the traditional and customary architecture of Bahrain, as some of the country’s heritage and touristic sites are located there. There are a number of properties for rent in Al Muharraq, most notably, Amwaj Islands, which is a group of man-made islands that offers stunning views of the water from almost all of its residential properties.

The islands include residential, commercial and serviced apartments as well as retail spaces and a marina! Amwaj Islands is a true community and offers its residents a school, health facilities fitness centers and swimming pools. Over the past two years, the Amwaj has witnessed development at an incredible rate, especially on the commercial font. A number of hotels, restaurants and cafes opened up, making life on the island very convenient for its residents. Families also enjoy living in Amwaj Islands, especially that it offers a number of activities for children, as well as facilities such as parks and playgrounds. It widely known as the most luxurious area in Bahrain, and villas for rent in Amwaj Islands are sleekly designed and modernly equipped. The villas for rent in Amwaj Islands are spacious and luxurious, and will offer a one of a kind living experience.

Amwaj Islands
Al Marsa Floating City - Amwaj Islands

Al Marsa Floating City provides houses surrounding by deep canals

When moving with a family, most residents choose to live in villas, as they offer the extra space that is needed by families. Most villas for rent in Amwaj Islands offer three to four bedroom, which is perfect for anyone who needs the extra space. A spare bedroom can easily be turned into an office or playroom for the children.

The six islands of Amwaj offer a unique waterfront way of living, with villas available for rent enjoying the highest standards of finishing and modern amenities. The islands are: Tala, Najman, Asdaf, Murijan, Jood and Lulu. Villas for rent in Amwaj Avenue, Amwaj Islands can start from 900 BHD (2 bedroom). Amwaj is also home to Al Marsa Floating City, which is a waterfront housing development where all the houses are surrounded by deep canals, a perfect choice for boat owners, and also offering a spectacular view! Villas for rent in Al Marsa Floating City, Amwaj Islands offer a unique waterfront living experience that is truly breathtaking.

If you are looking for a home in one of Bahrain's most lavish and luxurious areas, then finding a villa for rent in Amwaj Islands is definitely the place for your!