Properties for sale in Bahrain

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Properties for Sale in Bahrain

Thanks to a recent change in law, genuine real estate ownership is now an option for all non-Bahrainis. Legislative Decree No 2 of 2001 states that all non-Bahrainis may own land in Bahrain. Bahrain is a thriving country with a bright future, so the thought of owning a property there is definitely becoming a viable choice for many. There are however, certain zones where non-Bahrainis are allowed to buy property in as designated by the government. These areas are: Ahmed Al-Fateh District, Hoora District, Bu Ghazal District, Seef District, District or Northern Manama, including Diplomatic Area. As for residential properties, ownership is also available in Durrat Al-Bahrain, Amwaj Islands and Dannat Hawar.

Residents who hail from non GCC countries are able to secure a permanent resident permit which allows them to own real estate property. However, keep in mind that the permit is terminated in the event of sale of the property. Depending on your needs, you will certainly be able to find a plethora of available properties for sale in Bahrain. Looking beyond residential properties, there are many options for property ownership, including land, buildings and offices for sale in Bahrain.

Manama, the capital governorate, remains the hub of all activities in Bahrain, and is home to most commercial and governmental offices, with many hotels, restaurants and leisure activities within easy reach. However, the fast development rate of the county is seeing many projects and projects being completed in many areas Bahrain, including the Central, Northern and Southern Governorates, all which give you options for finding property for sale in Bahrain.

Apartments for sale in Bahrain are the most widely available property type on the market for anyone looking to purchase property. You can also look at villas for sale in Bahrain for more suburban, spacious and more private living and these are found across Bahrain in varying sizes and styles too.

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Getting started on buying a property for sale in Bahrain

If you’re looking for buildings for sale in Bahrain, you can begin your search in the Capital and Muharraq Governorates, as both districts offer a wide range of buildings for you to choose from. Most areas across Bahrain offer a variety of apartments, villas and townhouses for sale. It really comes down to what sort of Bahrain property for sale you’re interested in and your budget.

While the process of purchasing property in Bahrain is quite straightforward, it is advisable to seek the help of a legal office or lawyer to ensure the smoothest process possible. After contacting the seller and negotiating a price, you will most likely sign a reservation agreement, which means that the seller agreed not to sell the property to another buyer, in the case you need to secure the funds. Property in Bahrain must be registered with the Bahrain's Survey and Land Registration Bureau, where you also must present a notarized sales agreement from the legislation court. There is a stamp fee and a notarization fee, both of which are 1% of the property purchase price. In order to register your property, you’ll need the sales agreement, your passport and Bahrain ID, as well as the old owner’s title deed. As an added incentive to register the property, you are entitled to receive a 10% discount on the notarization fee if you apply within two months of the sale.

Thanks to the continuous development that the country is seeing, finding the right property for sale in Bahrain is becoming easier and easier. Many expats are choosing Bahrain as their home, and instead of renting a house there, are investing in owning a property. Clearly the Bahrain properties for sale on the market are great whether for investment or personal use and either way, it will be money well spent!