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About the many villas for sale in Bahrain

Bahrain, the tiny island nation in the Gulf is fast becoming a very attractive place for home buyers looking for modern, unique and affordable housing.

For those looking to make Bahrain their home for the long term, buying a villa is a great option to consider. Villas are often part of compounds and provide excellent suburban living that often comes with lush gardens, backyards and patios and the opportunity to network with other like minded individuals. There’s plenty of villas for sale in Bahrain coming onto the local market every few weeks to match growing demand.

Bahrain has seen tremendous growth over the years and the interest from foreigners has helped spurred its housing developments along with investment infrastructure and amenities. It makes the idea of living in Bahrain in a beautiful villa even more attractive.

The villas for sale in Bahrain are almost always sold as unfurnished properties. It’s easy to get carried away furnishing the villa to your tastes (especially since this means you’re going to stay here for the long term) so be sure to stick to a budget and consider gradually decorating your new home. There are many shops in Bahrain that will have everything you need to deck out every inch of your villa according to your style.

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Where to find great villas and houses for sale in Bahrain

Villas for sale in Saar are highly popular due to its location and proximity to amenities within the Northern Governorate of Bahrain. For a different setting out on the water, consider villas for sale in Amwaj Islands. They offer a whole new level of sophistication and class and you get to live on an iconic part of Bahrain that affords residents unparalleled ocean and city views. In the Southern Governorate, the villas for sale in Al Riffa are equally impressive with very modern designs that are attractive to the discerning home buyer.

Something to keep in mind when looking for a villa for sale in Bahrain is the registration fee. This is a cost that is borne completely by the new home buyer however if the property is registered in the new buyers name within 60 days of signing the purchase agreement, there is a 10% discount off the registration fee. This certainly helps expedite the registration process as it makes the overall purchase that bit more affordable. It is also a big consideration when you look at buying a house for sale in Bahrain.

For expats who are not from the GCC, buying a villa in Bahrain will see them granted a permit for permanent residency. However it should be noted that if you put your villa up for sale and the purchase goes through, the residency permit will be terminated.

Of course if you engage the services of legal professionals, they’ll be able to advise you of all legalities associated with buying a villa in Bahrain. Legal expertise is never to be underestimated and can save you a lot of problems down the line, especially if you’re new to the region and unfamiliar with local laws. Apart from that, it’s now become even easier to find a villa for sale in Bahrain.