Villas for sale in Amwaj Islands

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  • 26.3000254, 50.6631635

    Amazing on Beach Villa For Sale in Tala!

    Tala Island, Amwaj Islands, Muharraq Governorate
    500,000 BHD
    Villa 5 7+ 704 sqm
  • 26.2930300, 50.6647399

    For Sale - Amazing villa in Amwaj Island

    Amwaj Avenue, Amwaj Islands, Muharraq Governorate
    380,000 BHD
    Villa 7 700 sqm
  • 26.2884800, 50.6638120

    Spacious 5 bedroom Villa for sale- Amwaj

    Amwaj Homes, Amwaj Islands, Muharraq Governorate
    190,000 BHD
    Villa 5 6 350 sqm
  • 26.28848, 50.663812

    specious Never been used villa Located A

    Amwaj Homes, Amwaj Islands, Muharraq Governorate
    288,000 BHD
    Villa 5 7 447 sqm
  • 26.2847962, 50.6696212

    Luxury Three Bed Waterfont Villa For Sale

    Al Marsa Floating City, Amwaj Islands, Muharraq Governorate
    205,000 BHD
    Villa 3 4 400 sqm
  • 26.3000254, 50.6631635

    Open sea Lavish Villa for sale Tala Island

    Tala Island, Amwaj Islands, Muharraq Governorate
    470,000 BHD
    Villa 6 7+ 620 sqm
  • 26.2930300, 50.6647399

    Stylish, Grandeur Villa w/ Swimming Pool

    Amwaj Avenue, Amwaj Islands, Muharraq Governorate
    410,000 BHD
    Villa 7 406 sqm
  • 26.2930300, 50.6647399

    Luxury Villa for sale in Tala Island !!!

    Amwaj Avenue, Amwaj Islands, Muharraq Governorate
    445,000 BHD
    Villa 5 6 520 sqm
  • 26.3000254, 50.6631635

    Open sea Lavish Villa for sale in Amwaj

    Tala Island, Amwaj Islands, Muharraq Governorate
    660,000 BHD
    Villa 6 5 500 sqm
  • 26.3000254, 50.6631635


    Tala Island, Amwaj Islands, Muharraq Governorate
    350,000 BHD
    Villa 5 7+ 550 sqm

Areas near Amwaj Islands

Buying a Villa in Amwaj Islands

For those who are looking to stay in Bahrain for the long run, investing in owning property is an option that many are considering. Thanks to the property ownership laws that have changed in Bahrain, foreign ownership is now permitted in certain areas, making it possible for you to invest in the ever growing country of Bahrain; thankfully, there are a number of properties for sale in Bahrain, ranging from apartments to villas, that expats can now invest in.  

Because the country is developing at such a rapid pace, it is attracting residents from all over the world to move to Bahrain. As a result, efforts are underway to provide different types of housing options all over the country, so residents can easily find the apartment or villa that they feel comfortable living in while in Bahrain. While many expats choose to rent property, others are taking advantage of the ownership laws and investing in property ownership and starting to look for villas for sale in Bahrain


One of the most luxurious and sought after areas in Bahrain is Amwaj islands, which is located in the Muharraq governorate and is northeast of the capital, Manama. It was created with a vision to offer residents of Bahrain luxurious waterside living, also providing almost ten kilometres of beachfront land. Amwaj Islands is composed of group of man-made islands and offers stunning views of the water from almost all of its residential properties. The islands include residential, commercial and serviced apartments as well as retail spaces and a marina! Amwaj Islands is a true community and offers its residents a school, health facilities fitness centers and swimming pools.

Amwaj Island
Amwaj Island

Amwaj Island offers some of the most exclusive villas in Bahrain

It widely known as the most luxurious area in Bahrain, and properties for sale in Amwaj Islands are sleekly designed and modernly equipped. The villas for sale in Amwaj Islands are spacious and luxurious, and will offer a one of a kind living experience for their owners.

While already an impressive project, over the past two years, Amwaj has witnessed development at an incredible rate, especially when it comes to offering its residents more services and facilities to choose from. A number of hotels, restaurants and cafes have opened up, making life on the island very convenient for its residents. Families also enjoy living in Amwaj Islands, especially that it offers a number of activities for children, as well as facilities such as parks and playgrounds.


The six islands of Amwaj offer a unique waterfront way of living, with the villas offered for sale enjoying the highest standards of finishing and modern amenities. The islands are: Tala, Najman, Asdaf, Murijan, Jood and Lulu. Amwaj is also home to Al Marsa Floating City, which is a waterfront housing development where all the houses are surrounded by deep canals, a perfect choice for boat owners, and also offering a spectacular view! Villas for rent in The Lagoon Amwaj Islands are some of the most exclusive properties in the country.

 These contemporary and sophisticated homes are available in different shapes and sizes in order to cater to the different needs, and range from stand-alone villas with a private beach, to spacious apartments and fully serviced residences, all which include the latest fixtures, fittings and technologies.   

If you are looking for an investment opportunity, then buying a villa in Amwaj Islands will guarantee that you experience one of the most unique living experiences in the region.