Area Watch: Sanad

This article was published on September 26th, 2018

The residential town of Sanad is located to the north east side of Bahrain, and is known for offering a more tranquil lifestyle to its residents. Popular with nationals, it has recently began attracting more and more expats as well. There are four main regions in Sanad, which are Al Nasfah, New Sanad, Old Sanad, and the Estiqlal Highway, which is a major highway in the country that connects the towns of Riffa, Askar, and Isa Town together.

What makes Sanad different than most other residential areas, is the mangrove forest on its sea shores, which is an environmentally protected area and also attracts flamingos!

Sanad offers a number of villas for rent, and they are some of the most stunning homes in the market. With lush gardens and beautiful amenities, these homes are available as stand-alone units, and as well within compounds. Living in a compound is very popular in Bahrain, which families usually opt for. This is mostly due to the amenities and facilities they offer, which range from swimming pools, gyms and children playgrounds.

Villas for rent in Sanad range from three to five-bedroom homes, at start at around BD 500 a month. There are also a number of luxurious homes in Sanad, that are definitely a sight to see! You’ll easily be able to spot a number of mansions in Sanad, with some beachfront properties as well.

While not as widely available as villas, there are a number of apartments for rent in Sanad, that range from one to three-bedroom units. These apartments are perfect for anyone who isn’t looking for too much space, but will appreciate living in a somber and quiet area.

While still connected to the city center and other areas in Bahrain, Sanad is well liked because it gives residents a more laid-back atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city center.

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