Anastasia Ageeva
Managing Director
RmR Contracting W.L.L

When we go shopping for clothing what is our criteria? Predominately, appearance, it must look good; However, it must also feel comfortable and be appropriate for the occasion! When selecting clothing online the visual image is paramount!  We look at the image and instinctively buy with our eyes.

So it should come as no surprise that it is also exactly how we initiate our search for the home of our dreams, be that to buy or to rent.

First, we go online shopping, scanning a myriad of images to assess if the property looks homely, and spacious, and ultimately if we can visualize ourselves living in it. When we’re inspired, we call the agent!

We meet the agent to see the Property. We examine if it is clean, tidy, and well maintained. 

We then see ourselves relaxing on the sofa watching a movie, we can imagine sitting in that balcony chair and soaking up the amazing vista. We feel the comfort of the bed and appreciate the aesthetics of the bathroom and kitchen design. Alas, We buy!

In the environment of the post-COVID real estate market, there is a growing attention for details, home has become even more important than ever. We spend more time working from home, meetings friends at home and ultimately relaxing at home. This in conjunction with the constant new supply of modern properties makes it very challenging for owners of older units to rent/ sell their dwellings.

Do we like new? Yes! Do we prefer modern? possibly! Do we appreciate clean and well-maintained? Naturally!

When I meet my Landlords, I often ask them “Would you like to live here yourself”?  “Do you see it as a homely place”?

It’s time for owners of older properties to re-evaluate their strategies and secure their potential sources of income. Previously it was relatively simple. Invest in a property, furnish it, rent it and you get an 8-10% return.  However, the years quickly pass and our properties age along with us. 

Generally, we are accustomed to maintaining our health and appearance. We do sports, take care of ourselves, ensuring we are well groomed and appropriately dressed for any occasion. But our rental properties are often left behind becoming tired and outdated. 

In the current competitive market renting/selling our property at a reasonable price takes more than an enthusiastic estate agent! So here are a few tips for the Landlords and homeowners to make their property attractive to potential tenants/buyers!

Decorate and stage your property!

47% of buyer’s agents said that staging affected most buyers’ view of a home. Research also shows that 82% of buyer’s agents say staging makes it easier for buyers/renters to visualize a property as their future home.

One of the most effective ways to create an inviting welcome is by setting up your dining table. Looks homely already!  Add a vase with some pretty flowers. A few cushions on the sofa and a throw matching the shades of colours in your home design can bring the room together. It is true when they say interior design and real estate are a match made in heaven.


If you don’t know how to keep them, it’s better to go with high-quality artificial ones. IKEA and other shops have lovely options, and the shop assistants will be happy to help you choose and create the right ambience if you show them pictures of your property.


Removing your/previous tenants’ items will help viewers visualise your home.  People feel uncomfortable seeing other people’s stuff, finding it difficult to focus on the positive aspects of your property. However, storage is always important. The fewer things you have hidden away, the more storage you have to offer.

Maintain your property!

Potential tenants and buyers are looking at your property as their future home. If they see cracks, dirty light switches, stains or broken items, they instantly deduce that you don’t care for the property. Lastly, make sure your invest in pest control and let the Tenant/Buyer select their pets, not everyone is keen on cockroaches!


This is crucial in Bahrain!  We all know how high EWA bills can become through AC usage, however, do run the AC when your agent is supposed to bring a client. Ensuring your viewers feel comfortable within the property during the visit goes towards creating a good impression of the place and helps them imagine living there.  Ask your self “Would you like to find no AC in a hotel room when it’s 40 degrees outside”? Viewers form their opinion of your property at 93% from what they see and feel and only 7% from what they hear (verbal).


Kitchen, bathrooms, wardrobes and doors – Ask yourself these questions: “Would You like to cook here”? “Would you like to take a shower in that bathroom”?  Put yourself in your potential buyer’s shoes, and make them feel good about the property. A vacant property for 6 + months can sometimes cost you more than updating that kitchen and bathroom!

Brighten it up! 

There is plenty of darkness, doom and gloom in this world!  A well-lit room makes everyone feel great and welcome! Consider additional lighting to create an ambience to space at night or make use of mirrors to bounce available light back into the room!


Arrange your bedrooms so the viewers can potentially see themselves resting there. Make sure mattresses are clean(if they had been used), but I would still recommend you replace them with new ones. Make the bed with new neutral bedding and decorate it with a bed runner and a few cushions. Everything should look neat, after all,  “isn’t that how you like your room to be when you check into a hotel”? 

If you have multiple bedrooms, it’s sensible to leave one of the bedrooms unfurnished. Viewers have various life scenarios, some may like to design it as a nursery, convert it to a home office, or create a kid’s playroom. The guiding principle is to create the potential scope for the viewer to design this bedroom to suit their needs. You will gain their trust and favour.

Outdoor Spaces!

Garden or balcony space. Design them so viewers can see them as a place where they would like to spend and enjoy their time. A well-maintained garden increases the value and appeal of your property. Create shaded areas with comfortable seating, it is crucial in our local climate. Depending upon the size of a balcony, consider an awning along with a table and chairs and don’t forget ambient lighting.

Design your home with love, choose your furniture wisely to keep your property spacious and homely.


Your agent has daily experience and knowledge of what viewers like and appreciate, talk to your agent.  I am always happy to advise my clients on how to maximize the potential of their property based on my extensive expertise and knowledge of the property rental and sales markets. In addition, I also have a network of interior design professionals who can offer a range of services from full renovations to cosmetic decorating and staging your property, depending on your budget and requirements. 

Help is available everywhere for the homeowner to achieve the most desirable look for their property. Most furniture shops will have an in-house designer to help you develop your initial concept. You can bring a few pictures of your property to get a few tips and hints directly when you are shopping. If your budget allows, hire a professional interior designer or decorator. 

Create the right visual impact and hire a professional photographer to take the best images for your agent to market your property. Your property needs to stand out from the rest, however, avoid creating a false impression as this only leads to a disappointing outcome for all.

Love your home and others will love it too! Dress it to impress!

This article was published as part of the eighth edition of Property Finder Bahrain’s Trends Report.