Family Friendly New Year’s Eve Activities

This article was published on December 26th, 2018

There is so much that you can do to celebrate New Year’s Eve with the children and making it a special night for both you and them. Here are a few ideas to make this family-friendly new year’s eve memorable.

1. Countdown goodie bags:

Make goodie bags for each hour of the night for the children to open. Depending on the age group and the budget, you can place anything from coloring nooks to candy inside.

2. New Year’s resolutions:

Come up with New Year’s Resolutions for the entire family! You can even create a board add each one, while saving space for one main family New Year’s Resolution.

3. Make special drinks:

Ring in the new year with a special chocolate milk or hot chocolate. The kids will enjoy having a beverage bar that allows them to create their own drinks and even decorate them.

4. Create a countdown:
For families with children old enough to stay up, you can create your own special countdown moment. And if the kids are younger, you can have a ‘mock’ countdown easier in the evening so they can celebrate at a more appropriate time.

5. Smash piñatas:

Who doesn’t love a good piñata! Hang one for the ceiling and take turns for an extra fun activity.

6. Have a dance contest:
Turn the volume up and dance the night away with the family. You can even hold a special dance contest and give away a small prize for the winner

7. Decorate cookies:

If baking is your forte, then get ready for some decorating. Create a space where the kids can decorate cookies and watch them enjoy making a mess!

8. Set up a photo booth:

A photo booth is a great way to show that this night is extra special. You can use any props and items that you already have at home, and create a photo album of the evening.

9. Play games:
Games are a family fun staple, and once again, depending on the age group there are a number of different ideas for you to choose from to entertain the children.

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