Fifteen technologically creative improvements for real estate agencies, By: Ahmed Alkooheji Creative Director Ahmed Alkooheji Communications

By: Ahmed Alkooheji
Creative Director
Ahmed Alkooheji Communications

Technological literacy and mass Internet availability have taken many markets by storm, subsequently improving way of life, business methods and overall lifestyle. The leap of advancements and progress, however fascinating it could be, endangers non-participating companies that view these leaps as temporary trends that will soon die out. 

Comparable to any other market, the real estate market holds great potential to improve, with the goal of successful creative advertising and prospect conversion. This will result in competitive preeminence in procedures of technological innovations  when accommodating clients, promoting properties and overall brand image management.

Every agent must adopt the following important measures:

  1. Where is your tablet?

Investing in a tablet is your initiation to join the digital world and the igniter for the rest of this list. Either in a meeting or on-site, a tablet’s advantage over a smartphone will always be the viewing space that attracts the prospect to furthermore review layouts, plans, perspectives and legal documents.

  1. Online Presence (SEO, Keywords, Schema):

Yes, a website will initially do hough useless with no proper on-site SEO (search engine optimisation), keyword placement and Schema setup. Consult your web developer to set and configure these three amendments properly, and if they have no idea, that’s no excuse – hire a different developer. 

  1. NAP Consistency:

Stands for Name/Address/Phone and is used for local citations. Benefits of improving the accuracy of these details on all platforms such as directories, records and websites raise the local SEO and rank the agency higher on local search engine ( and online maps (Google Maps, Bing Places, etc.).

  1. Online Advertising:

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) isn’t new, but it improved profoundly recently and is quite cost-effective, considering traditional media advertising. You can correctly choose your client from the vast pool of daily active users based on location, age range, interests, income class, and more. Online advertising also covers social media advertising that uses the same filtering method.

  1. Virtual FOMO:

Considered to be the oldest marketing tool in the book, the fear of missing out (FOMO) has single-handedly increased sales in retail, banks and even digital products for the past few decades, proving its persuasive means to make prospects act and convert for the incentive of either owning a limited edition or a percentage off the original price.

  1. PR Distribution:

It is agreeable that a considerable amount of real estate agencies gain their reputation by word of mouth and expand their business via a spider web network of family and friends. Press releases (PR) announce the agency’s market presence, invite and attract new prospects to the leads pool and indirectly improve the agency’s documented reputation through PR distribution channels to use in the future as reliable references.

  1. A full-time social media manager:

It’s 2019 and businesses are yet to consider the importance of a Social Media Manager and the effects they have on the business’ public relations, conveying products and services to the personal level, and the necessity for it to be a full-time job.

  1. Chat Bots:

A proper chatbot supported by hours of dialogue and automation flows can assist day-to-day prospect interactions during peak hours and holidays. Chatbots are in high demand since the quality of communication is highly advanced than a typical auto attendant (“press 1” answering machines) as well as the possibility of monitoring the chat bot’s answers live with the possibility of intruding at any time.

  1. Video Trailer:

The adage goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Well then, a 60-second video would be 1.8 million words (that’s a video editor joke). Professional real estate photographers are remarkable and their photos usually stay in the property’s brochure or website’s album while prospects would demand more of the pictures. The video approach to real estate realises the property’s depth, space and vertical landscape. Use real videos, not the standard idle slideshow clip.

  1. IGTV:

The release of IGTV by Instagram has provided a massive opportunity for all markets to produce better video qualities suitable for handheld devices’ vertical views as well as the extended duration of up to one hour. Is this being used adequately by real estate agencies? Mobile-friendly videos that are available anytime and can be shared on other platforms is technically your TV broadcasting station and distributors.

  1. 3D Printing:

Property developers spend thousands on project mockups and dioramas for various reasons like investment presentations, contractors’ perspectives reference and trade shows. For a fraction of that amount, real estate agencies can commission a 3D printing vendor to print an isometric view of the villa or apartment to the proportionate scale of an average sized laptop. This is a lightweight, durable and  creative approach to present your property to prospects.

  1. Beacons:

Bluetooth beacons are proximity activated devices that transmit messages and offers to nearby mobile phones, thus virtually “handing over flyers” to passersby that stand in front of the properties you market. Beacons can promote, inform and attract prospects with messages and related content sent directly to the smartphone. 

  1. Property Specific Packet:

Also known as intelligence packets in other markets, Property Specific Packets are a compilation of documents like factsheets, payment plans, agreements, rules and regulations, etc. They are watered down to a prospect-friendly media package that is uploaded online for ease of access. Businesses follow this method to quickly provide a link with all the documents, images and information if any prospect wants to inquire. 

  1. Digital Thank You Basket:

Works best with selling properties than renting since it’s an expenditure with an indirect return that could take a long duration. Complimentary baskets are the ideal gifts when showing a client your appreciation after closing a sale. Fruit baskets, toiletries and coffee sachets are the everyday items agents go for by default. An obscure trend of digital baskets is highly appreciated by new owners and tenants with the emphasis on “new”; handing Amazon gift cards and Netflix subscriptions are new game-changers and raise your agency to the tech-savvy categories.

  1. Partner up with suppliers (movers)

All-in-one packages entice prospects to deal with a single real estate agent to cover the coordination with other property-related suppliers that developers will not issue. Moving companies, cleaning agencies, electricians, gardeners and even more services are all crucial for newly acquired clients.

Most Importantly, keeping your eyes open for the latest trends will provide a better perspective on how to forecast new methods in improving real estate agencies.