Listing Photos Do’s and Don’ts

Using the right, high quality photos makes all the difference when it comes to closing a deal. Most users credit great property photography when it comes to spiking their interest in a certain unit. So, it comes as no surprise that photos are an important part of your listing details, and also helps you generate more leads. Read below for our listing photos do’s and don’ts

1. Do: Stage rooms:

The first thing you need to do is stage the rooms that you will be showing. Each room that you would like to show online needs to be properly cleaned and staged. This makes it easier for the user to envision themselves in the unit and  also increases their interest.

2. Don’t: Show the mess:
Yes, properties usually have clutter and dirt, but make sure you clean that up and declutter the area that you will photograph, as these photos should not make an appearance online.

3. Do: Show the view:

There are so many areas in Bahrain that have great views, so make sure you show it when posting a property photo. It’s a great selling point!

4. Don’t: Use screenshots:
There is really no excuse for using screenshots. If you wish to publish a property online, then make sure you have the right photos, and ensure that they are of high quality.

5. Do: Shoot with lighting:
There is nothing worse than a dark picture of a property! Even if it is a beautiful unit, it will most probably be overlooked if your photos are dark and do not have enough light.

6. Don’t: Photograph the ordinary:
While you should definitely have general photos of the property, you should also focus on what makes it stand out. Is it the view? The garden? The design? Whatever the most unique selling points are is what you should be focusing on.

7. Do: Use a tripod:

Using a tripod will not only give you sharper and steadier images, but it will also help you in capturing great angles as well.

8. Don’t: Use crooked pictures:
Using high-quality property photos is a very important tool to help you gain leads. So, make sure your photos are straight and sharp, and most importantly, not crooked!