Maximize Space in Every Room of Your Home

Space plays a factor in each and every home, and no matter how big your home is, we all wish for a little extra space! Here’s how you can maximize space in every room at home.

You might think this is a strange place to think about maximizing space, but the use of open shelves, under-sink drawers and even hanging racks are a great way to make the most out of your bathroom. For those who have a bigger bathroom, consider using it for cleaning supplies storage, extra toilet necessities, etc.…

Living Room:
Usually the most cluttered room of the home, your living area is one of the most impressive places when it comes to maximizing space. Think multipurpose furniture like coffee tables with drawers, or open shelves on your wall unit, and hidden compartments under your couch. All this will declutter the room, leaving you with even more space!


In this room, you should really think about storage to maximize space. If you have cabinets, use them wisely! Dividers, separators, the whole nine yards should be utilized here. Think vertical as well, most of the time, we forget about height, but it works wonders in any room.


Invest in closer organizers and use the area under the bed to store seasonal clothes and other not so often used items. Again, think vertical, be it for shoes, accessories or other items; if you can store them vertically, then do it!

Extra Room:
For those who are lucky enough to have an extra room at home, this is the perfect place to maximize space! Even if it’s a home office, or a laundry room that you actually do use, invest in smaller storage products, and try to avoid large furniture. Even if you would consider this area as somewhat of a storage room, it still has to be decluttered and organized in order to make the most out of it.

Outdoor Areas:
Garage, balconies, patios; all these rooms make for great space maximizers. For your garage, install overhead shelves that can safety store oversized items such as suitcases, bicycles, etc.… for your balcony, think of benches that double as storage space, and, GCC weather permitting, install some shelves and maybe even a bike rack?  

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