Nine Ways to Detox your Home

This article was published on March 4th, 2019

Detoxing your home is a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. Here are nine things you can to do to detox your home.

1. Stop using air fresheners:
Air fresheners include a variety of chemicals that should be avoided. Try a scented candle or burning some incense that will add a natural scent to a home.

2. Invest in plants:

Plants are a very important addition to any home. They will they brighten up a room, and most important, help purify the air in your home.

3. Switch to non-toxic cleaning products:
Yes, there is an added cost to these non-toxic cleaning products, but they are definitely worth it!

4. Read labels:

We’re all so used to processed foods that we almost always ignore the labels. But these foods are filled with food coloring, flavor enhancers and artificial flavors. Ensure that you read those labels and try avoiding processed foods entirely.

5. Even better,, clean out your fridge and pantry:
Starting fresh is the best way to go! Clean out your fridge and your pantry, stocking up on healthy foods. And remember, it’s always important to clean the fridge handle!

6. Use your windows:

The weather in Bahrain doesn’t allow us to open our windows regularly, but when possible, it’s best to try and air out the room for some natural ventilation

7. Clean regularly:

Regular cleaning will keep you house tidy and spotless, and will make it easier to maintain that standard.

8. Eliminate clutter:
It’s for your own peace of mind! Eliminating clutter is one of the most important things you can do to detox your home, especially when it comes to wires and electronics.

9. Deep clean your mattress:

Assuming that as an adult your sheets are cleaned on a regular basis, you should also treat your mattress the same way. Deep cleaning your mattress is very important step that you should follow.

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