Meet our Outstanding Agent for August – Mohamad Abdou, Bin Faqeeh Real Estate Investment Company

Congratulations to Mohamad  for being chosen as August’s Outstanding Agent!

Mohamad had a very successful month, and focused on sale transactions. He was able to close 9 deals worth 900,000 BHD, with leads coming from propertyfinder! One of the things that Mohamad does is ensure that he gives his clients the right advice, and as well, is always honest with them. In addition to sales, he also ensures that he follows up with his clients with progress reports and statuses on their newly purchased units.

Q&A with Mohamad:

1. What is one thing you do as a broker that differentiates you from others?
As a broker my number one goal is to represent my company in the best way when dealing with my customers by working very hard to establish a long-term relationship with them. I also ensure that I give them the best advice and get them the best deal possible. I discuss all options with honesty and dignity and make sure that they understand that their interest in my number one priority.

2. How has Propertyfinder helped your company succeed in the market?
Looking into Real Estate market today, most of the primary searches for property dealers and the properties themselves begin online. Propertyfinder is number one in Bahrain and other regions where buyers look for their properties, I found it a great tool and a concentration point to focus on which helped me in achieving more sales and building a pretty good data base.

3. Finish the Sentence: I love Bahrain because…
I love Bahrain because it is safe, comfort and the business environment suitable for an expatriate and investors.

Congratulations once again to Mohamad!

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