Walkable Neighborhoods in Bahrain 

Not many of us get enough walking time while in Bahrain, and while we can blame the weather, that excuse is only valid for a few months during the year. While compounds make walking easier, it’s always nice to find a walking friendly location. Here are a few of Bahrain’s most walkable neighborhoods.

Reef Island:

Already an active area, Reef Island is one of the most walkable areas in the country and offers great walkways and trails for a brisk evening walk.

Riffa Views:
A premiere location in Bahrain, Riffa Views is also family friendly, which makes it easier for the entire family to enjoy a walk anytime of day!

Tala Island – Amwaj:

Amwaj Island itself is a great spot for walks, and offers different areas for that. Tala Island gets our vote for the most walkable area on the island, thanks to it lush green areas and beachfront walkways.

Durrat Al Bahrain:
Lined with villas, greenery and wide walkways, Durrat Al Bahrain is another great neighborhood that is walk- friendly, any time of day.

Already one of the country’s busiest areas, it is also great for walking. As it is loud and very active, it’s not very suitable for walking with young children. It is however, Adliya is a great area to spend an evening walking around and soaking up the active lifestyle and art scene.

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