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Head office:Office 21 Building 257 Road 1104 Block 711 Tubli

PROPERTY GALLERY BAHRAINI PARTNERSHIP COMPANY is a leading real estate company based in
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. Our committed team has successfully marketed a number of large
Bahrain developments, encompassing residential, commercial projects, through our extensive
network of contacts, both locally and abroad.
We enjoys collaboration and building long-term relationships by connecting the right people, capital
and opportunities. The team tirelessly focuses on creating winning outcomes for all clients and
always strives towards excellence.
We serves real estate owners, investors and occupiers Bahrain-wide. The team offers strategic
advice and execution for property sales and leasing; property consultancy and valuations; property
management and marketing.
We offer an advanced and innovative approach towards real estate and how to market, lease and
sell property using new and progressive marketing platforms and methods, particularly within the
ever-expanding digital era of marketing and all that it has to offer. 
Today, we pride ourselves on enhancing the tradition of extraordinary services. The constant growth
of our company since its creation has proven that our expertise, market skills, and hard work keep
satisfying our clients, home-owners, and tenants. They keep referring us and confiding in us their
properties to manage. It’s no wonder they continue to buy with us.
It all adds up to a truly comprehensive real estate service.

PROPERTY GALLERY team consists of professional property sales and investment
consultants with diverse industry experiences, skills and knowledge, who are multilingual
and have achieved prominent success in Bahrain and Middle East markets. Our highly
dedicated team is committed to building a partnership with our customers that lasts a lifetime,
by treating each customer as an individual offering great products and unparalleled service,
never forgetting that our customer has a choice.
Our Property Management Department is a team of dedicated industry elites. Since
PROPERTY GALLERY’s establishment, the team has been responsible for the management
of various properties in Bahrain. The team tirelessly working to put our customers’ interest at
the top of our priorities, we have successfully earned the trust of our customers.
At PROPERTY GALLERY we love talking about real estate and connecting with people
from all walks of life.  We would invite anyone to drop in, speak to our team and see what we
are all about!
PROPERTY GALLERY team pride themselves on integrity, respect and

PROPERTY GALLERY team has in-depth knowledge of the property market. We conduct extensive
market research for various projects in the Bahrain market, and makes our evaluations based on the
overall capability and track records of the developer, builder and designer in order to provide a
comprehensive investment analysis for our customers. As such, we are confident in offering high
quality and high returns products and investment options.
Specifically, in order to meet the needs of our investors, we are committed to serving:
 Bespoke services and targeted investment plans tailored to the needs of our
 The most up to date and reliable Bahrain property market news and evaluation,
to help our customers make informed decision about local investments;
 A wide selection of investment options, varying from property types to price
and locations;
 Effective and efficient communication channels with local legal counsels to
help protect the interests and legal rights of our customers.
Trusted by tenants, investment owners, real estate professionals and developers, we are committed
to excellence and the highest quality of customer support.

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