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Renting a Warehouse in Bahrain

Bahrain is fast developing into a financial and commercial hub in the middle east, and is rapidly becoming an influential country in the Gulf region. Largely due it its multi-cultural society Bahrain is an attractive destination for expat families. Set on of 33 islands and with a cosmopolitan capital city Manama, Bahrain offers an attractive liberal lifestyle and a rich history and culture. Many regional and international companies and investors are eager to enter the market and create businesses in Bahrain, which is further solidifying the country’s reputation in the region. And with the country booming at such a rapid pace, it is natural for businesses to want to be represented in Bahrain and expand their investments.

Bahrain is also turning into a centre of industrial businesses, as the government companies to place efforts into the development of the country. With industrial areas spread across the Capital, Muharraq and Central governorates, it is becoming easier and easier for businesses to look for warehouse units for rent in Bahrain. Each area offers different specifications for the units, and depending on the nature of your business and what it is you are looking for, finding the right space for you is becoming easier and easier.
The central locations of these governorates facilities the ease of business and transportation, making it easier and smoother for business owners to set up their warehouse in the area they deem fit. All offer easy access to Bahrain’s focal points and are in close proximity to the country's ports.
Warehouse in Bahrain

Warehouses for rent in Bahrain can double up as workshops or office space

Warehouses for rent in Bahrain vary in size, and are modernly equipped and well maintained. You can find temperature controlled warehouses, warehouses for storage and even warehouses that double as offices. You may even find warehouses for rent that are specifically made to host big events and large social happenings that are taking place in Bahrain.

In the Central governorate, you will be able to find a number of warehouses for rent in Sitra, which is one of Bahrain’s most prominent industrial areas. The same applies to warehouses for rent in Al Hidd, with some even doubling as a workshop. While limited, you are also able to find warehouses for rent in Zinj, located in the Capital governorate.

When looking at commercial properties for rent in Bahrain, ensure that you have all required documentation on hand, in particular a valid trade license and title deed documents of the landlord. It is best to get the advice of a lawyer or legal office that will help you navigate the steps of renting a commercial property in Bahrain, as the rules and regulations can be a little tricky, especially for a first time commercial rental.

The dynamic and lively environment of Bahrain is certainly attractive to business owners who are looking to expand their business or enter the GCC market, as Bahrain can serve as a gateway to other opportunities in the region.