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Renting a flat in Al Juffair

Al Juffair is an area within Manama, the capital of Bahrain and is unique as it is largely built upon reclaimed land. This particular land reclamation project extended the coastline by an additional 2 kilometres.

Sometimes shortened to just ‘Juffair’, it’s a well known social hub within Bahrain and home to a plethora of dining and entertainment outlets. Suffice to say, residents in Al Juffair are never short of options when it comes to things to do or where to eat. Juffair is also very popular with tourists from the region who come for a change of pace and scenery. Shabab Avenue is affectionately known as American Alley for its countless American eateries and shops selling everything from clothes to toys.

For renters with school age children, there’s a number of schools within the area and close by. Al Juffair is also home to the magnificent Al Fateh Mosque which is the largest in Bahrain. Although there’s many hotels located in the area, there are plenty of flats for rent in Juffair ranging from cosy studio apartments right up to more spacious 4 bedroom apartments. Within Juffair, there’s Murjan Centre and Mega Mart where you can buy everything you need for your apartment. Almost all apartments for rent in Juffair come unfurnished and it is the responsibility of the tenant to furnish the flat as they see fit.

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Apartment buildings in Al Juffair give residents excellent city and ocean views so when choosing your rental apartment, opt for one on a higher floor to maximise your chance of living in a place with enviable views.

When renting a flat in Juffair, one should clarify the payment of local taxes on the property as tenants are often responsible for this though in some cases, landlords will take this on. For anyone new to Bahrain and indeed to Al Juffair, it pays to ask all the relevant questions up front to ensure everything is above board and makes perfect sense.

It is clear that Al Juffair is popular when looking to find quality, comfortable apartments for rent and its location and proximity to amenities makes it an easy starting point when choosing a place to stay. Now that Bahrain has a Rent Disputes Committee to look after all rental disputes and the fact that there is significant growth in Al Juffair, renting a flat in Juffair is now even easier than ever before.