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Renting an Apartment in Um Al Hasam

Bahrain is becoming one of the most exciting countries in the region now and is certainly proving to be a big player, in spite of its small size. Home to a high number of expats, Bahrain offers its residents the chance at a new life, especially when it comes to career development.

Although in reality, everything is within close proximity in Bahrain, where you choose to livewill play a big factor if your daily life. Bahrain offers expats a variety of housing options, to ensure that it suits the different background and backgrounds of the people who relocate there.

The Bahraini government is certainly putting in a lot of energy into securing different housing options for expats and nationals, so that they are all conformable living in Bahrain.

One of the major governorates in the county is The Capital Governorate, which includes Manama, the capital of Bahrain. Manama remains the financial and entertainment hub of the county, and is a very active city. It is home to many restaurants, five start hotels and entertainment facilities, and witnesses’ heavy traffic on a daily basis. One of the popular neighborhoods found in Manama is Um Al Hasam, which has a variety of apartment rentals on offer.

The middle class neighborhood on the northern coast of Manama offers apartment rentals in modern and new apartment buildings, which is a popular option for young professionals. It is also well liked by families, who sometimes also choose living in one of the luxurious and spacious villas it offers as well.

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Budget friendly apartments for rent

Apartments for rent in Um Al Hasam usually include added amenities such as gyms and pools which is very convenient for the renter. Some apartment rentals in Um Al Hasam also boast a beautiful view of the sea as well. The area is well liked by residents, as it offers spacious and new apartments, and while it is not in the centre of Manama, it keeps its residents close to where the main action takes place. While there is a high number of apartment buildings for rent in the area, Um Al Hasam also offer luxurious and lavish villas in close compounds as well.

You can find apartments for rent in Um Al Hasam with one, two or three bedrooms, and can also find studio apartments for rent as well. As with most apartment rentals in Bahrain, they are usually offered as an unfurnished rental, but with the number of furniture stores available in Bahrain, you will be able to decorate the house just the way you like it, and within the budget that you have set for yourself.

Ultimately, where you decide to live in Bahrain depends on a number of factors; are you moving alone, do you need to be close to a school, to the nightlife, to the office? All areas are in close proximity to one another; however, some might suite different lifestyle a little bit more than other would. Keeping that in mind, Bahrain offers its residents a wide choice of rentals, and you will surely find the right one for you!