Whether you are expanding your family or just looking for some extra space for an at-home office, finding a villa that serves both quality and a great budget can be quite the challenge for people on the go. Using real estate portals such as Property Finder with easy search features to filter your searches can cut house-hunting time in half and be cost-effective. 

Here are some of the most affordable locations in Bahrain to rent a villa.

Villas for rent  (average monthly rate):

Diraz BHD 475

Jid Al Haj BHD 500

Sanad BHD 561

Hamad Town BHD 572

Madinat Salman BHD 574

Karzakan BHD 600

Isa Town BHD 650

Sanad BHD 392

With most of the areas being relatively close to the city making them easily accessible for anyone with an on-the-go job, we still see a few local areas such as Hamad Town and Karzakan for those who are looking for a quieter lifestyle away from the city. Additionally, we can see brand new locations such as Madinat Salman making the list that offers budget-friendly villa rentals relatively far from any of the noise but still close enough for those beautiful blue beaches. These spots are perfect for anyone looking for an area that remains close to local residential areas where most of their families may live; a perfect spot for new families. With villas ranging from three bedrooms and up, these make the perfect home for growing families or a working couple with a work-from-home station.

When it comes to apartment hunting, it can be a long process, but with Property Finder, you can view various properties at ease. Here are some of 2023’s top picks for affordable apartment rentals in Bahrain:

Apartments for rent (average monthly rate):

Malkiyah BHD 160

Muharraq BHD 208

Karrana BHD 210

Arad BHD 235

Isa Town BHD 238

Galali BHD 251

Riffa  BHD 280

Tubli BHD 286

Whether you’re looking to rent an apartment alone or move with a friend, this list showcases some of the lowest-budget apartment rental locations. Perfect for those who are starting a new part of their lives, what makes these locations even better is that they are easily accessible to the city life and business hubs, making your route to work even better than before. These low rental rates also make them perfect for someone who is just moved into Bahrain on a budget and need a place to stay closer to their jobs.

Data is based on average advertised prices on propertyfinder.bh as of January 2023 and may not reflect the actual transacted price.