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All about the many flats for rent in Bahrain

The island nation of Bahrain, situated in the Arabian Gulf is made up of more than 30 islands. It’s economy has been built largely on oil resources and this has fueled tremendous growth across the country, specifically in its capital Manama.

Many expats choose to make Bahrain their home because of the cosmopolitan lifestyle on offer. The standard of housing has improved steadily as the country’s economy and population has grown. This makes finding a flat for rent in Bahrain easier than ever before with plenty of options from studios to 1 and 2 bedroom apartments to 5+ room apartments for those who need the extra space. Suffice to say, the number of flats for rent in Bahrain is growing all the time and there’s something for every budget.

A vast majority of apartments for rent in Bahrain are unfurnished. This leaves you to fit out the flat according to your own tastes and budget. Bahrain is a modern country that features all of the comforts you would expect so it’s not going to be a problem to turn any apartment into a home. Of course, you can still find furnished apartments but these are always in high demand so you’d need to act quick when singing your rental agreement. Bahrain is essentially family centric given the country’s Arabian and Islamic roots so there’s lots of parks, shopping malls and dining options that cater to families quite well. There are also lots of world class schools and educational institutes across the island nation to cater for the learning needs of both local and expat families.

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Areas to find a great apartment for rent in Bahrain

A large portion of rental apartments in Bahrain are in the Capital Governorate area followed by the Muharraq Governorate. In terms of popularity, many are finding apartments for rent in Amwaj Islands to their liking as it is one of the newer and more modern developments of Bahrain. Elsewhere, apartments for rent in Al Juffair as well as the apartments for rent in Seef prove to be perpetually top of mind for renters.

Renting a flat in Bahrain is often a unique experience for those not familiar with the Middle East. With regards to your housing bills, you should clarify who pays for the local tax on the property (this covers things like waste management) - as sometimes landlords will take care of it but often the tenant is responsible. The best advice for any renter in Bahrain is to ask all the questions you can think of and make sure you have copies of all paperwork relating to your tenancy. This is most important before you finalise your decision on an apartment for rent in Bahrain.

Bahrain now has a Rent Disputes Committee which as the name suggests, handles all disputes between landlords and tenants. Understanding your rights when renting is critical, especially in Bahrain and in particular for first timers. This initiative by the government is just one of many ways renting an apartment in Bahrain has become a much easier experience; and with the growing number of flats available, you’ll be clearly spoiled for choice!