Apartments for rent in Muharraq Governorate

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Renting an Apartment in Al Muharraq

When living in Bahrain, many are quick to note that there are a number of other areas that offer exceptional residential rentals other than the country’s capital, Manama. Because of the fast paced development taking place, the Bahraini government is working hard to ensure that a high number of different developments are built and maintained, to cater to the different backgrounds and nationalities that come to live and work in Bahrain. Apartments for rent in Bahrain come in all shapes, styles and budgets, ensuring that each and every resident will find a house to call home during their time in Bahrain.

One of the largest governorate offering apartments for rent is Al Muharraq, which is the third largest area in Bahrain, and offer residents a number of apartment rentals. It is a very heavily populated area, and offers residents a look into the traditional and customary architecture of Bahrain, as some of the country’s heritage and touristic sites are in Al Muharraq. Noted for being a busy area, Al Muharraq was considered to be the capital of Bahrain in the 1930!

Al Muharraq is home to Amwaj Islands, which is a group of man-made islands creating an enclosed community. Apartments for rent in Amwaj Islands offer beautiful views of the sea, and are very luxurious. The islands include residential, commercial and serviced apartments as well as retail spaces and a marina! Amwaj Islands is a true community and offers its residents a school, health facilities fitness centers and swimming pools. It widely known as the most luxurious area in Bahrain, and apartment rentals in Amwaj Islands are sleekly designed and modernly equipped.

Amwaj Islands
Map of Al Muharraq

Apartments for Rent in Al Muharraq

Other area that offer apartments for rent in Al Muharraq are Al Hidd and Al Busaiteen, both which are central areas and offer facilities such as international schools, malls, restaurants and cafes, as well as health centers and more. Apartments for rent in those areas vary in style and size, and you can find apartments with one bedroom, up to three bedrooms. Like with most apartment rentals in Al Muharraq, furniture is not included, and most of apartment will be either unfurnished or semi-furnished, the latter meaning that kitchen white goods are included only. The area is popular with families and locals alike, as there is a deeply rooted sense of tradition and heritage, and does give expats the chance to understand the Bahraini culture a little bit more than other areas.

Some apartment building that offer flats for rent in Al Muharraq also offer added amenities such as a pool or a gym, making it very convenient for the renter. These added facilities, of course, will certainly add to the cost of the rent.

Once you decide on a budget and location, you will surely be able to find an apartment for rent in Al Muharraq that is suitable for your lifestyle and will suit the specifications that you are looking for. And with the number of apartment rentals available in Al Muharraq,finding the right home has never been easier.