Going from Good to Great in Real Estate

Have you ever asked yourself what makes a real estate agent stand out? Well, the answer is simple. The real estate market is extremely personal; you’re helping people find properties that could stay with them for years to come or investments that can make or break them. 

This type of business makes it crucial for real estate agents to really listen and understand what their clients are looking for. 

No doubt, Property Finder helps connect quality end-users with agents, but how do you keep them on board? And how can you become the best in a saturated market? 

Here are our top five tips to help you stand out in the real estate market:

1- Become a problem solver: 

  • Having a mindset that is set on growth and solving issues can change your life in many ways. In real estate, oftentimes people assume it’s just about creating listings and waiting for the leads to dive in. That’s not the case; if you focus on bringing out the benefits of a property and how it may be of use to a certain type of end-user, you’ll be able to attract the right kind of lead to buy/ rent your property. By focusing on their needs above your need to close the deal, you’ll gain more traction.

2- Be proactive and self-motivated:

  • This comes without saying, the market waits for no one. Though some days might be slower than others, you need to continue putting in the effort. For example, not all your leads may convert, but that’s not to say they aren’t interested in something else? Not actioning leads is like shutting down the window of opportunity completely, so why not leverage what you have? It’s not always about supply and demand; you might need to lead the way for your customers. Always strive to be active and resourceful. 

3- Be approachable: 

  • Being in sales is so much more than what you’re offering, it’s your personality too! You definitely need to build up confidence, charisma, likeability, and honesty in your personality. Because the more people like and trust you, the more likely they are to come back and even recommend you to their peers. It’s important to build relationships with the leads you engage with, it should never be a transactional relationship only. 

4- Become an expert communicator:

  • The first step to becoming a good communicator is becoming a good listener. Learning to listen to your clients and potential needs will help you make better connections. Networking is a great way to improve your communications and skills and get to know the community better. It’s all about asking the right questions and finding the right solutions. 

5- Be knowledgeable about the market:

  • Do your research and always stay up to date on topics such as housing options, locations, rules and regulations, real estate trends, homeowner trends, the local housing market, etc… Understanding this information will be a great advantage to you when communicating with your clients. It also enables you to educate them and understand market demands better. Stay ahead of the game and learn how to leverage your insights into marketing, sales, and negotiation skills. 

The bottom line is, real estate requires a lot of drive, emotional intelligence, thoroughness, and a growth mindset in order to succeed. It is a lucrative journey for anyone who finds a passion in a growing market and meeting new people.