Finding Shops for Sale in Bahrain

Whatever your business may be, it will surely benefit from operating in Bahrain. With all the major developments taking place in the kingdom, businesses owners and investors from all over the world are seeing the potential and opportunity in this GCC country, and are all beginning to operate and open their businesses there.

Due to the recent change in laws, foreigners and residents can now own property in Bahrain; this includes residential and commercial property, as well as land ownership. This is largely due to the Bahraini government encouraging investment and development opportunities in the kingdom. While ownership is allowed, it is restricted to a few specific areas, which are: Ahmed El Fath District, Hoora District, Bu Ghazal District, Seef District and District of Northern Manama, including the diplomatic area.

New shops and businesses are opening up every day in Bahrain, which is a true testament to the flow of money and development taking place in the country. And while Manama, the kingdom’s capital, remains the centre of most activities in Bahrain, other areas are also seeing a rapid pace of development. The Northern, Southern, Central and Muharraq governorates are all areas where you can find shops for sale in Bahrain. Buying a shop in Bahrain is a straightforward process, but it is best to seek the advice of a legal consultant before signing any paperwork, to ensure the validity of the sale.

Business Bay in Bahrain
Almoayed Tower in Al Seef

It is worth noting that when you buy property in Bahrain, you will be eligible for automatic residency. Once you decide on the shop you would like to purchase, you must contact the seller and sign a reservation agreement, which basically means that the buyer agrees to hold the shop and not sell it for anyone else. After making the down payment, a payment schedule will be made, with the deed being handed over to you once the complete price of the shop has been covered.

Depending on the purpose of your business, you’ll be able to find a variety of suitable shops for sale in Bahrain, with different sizes and styles available as well. Mostly, the shops for sale in Bahrain are unfinished, and the price depends on the size as well as the location of the store. Currently, Manama, the capital of Bahrain, is the top area for foreigners when it comes to buying a shop, as it the centre of the city and the hub of most of the commercial and business activities. Seef, another area in the Capital governorate is also a popular option for purchasing a store in Bahrain, as it is a highly populated area and is very popular with both expats and nationals.

The option of foreign ownership in Bahrain has definitely helped surge the market’s boost in the Kingdom, and many residents understand the value of investing in Bahrain and opening up a business there, where the return on their investment is very high and very fruitful. Whichever business industry you might be headed into, you should certainly consider buying a shop in Bahrain as a lucrative investment for your future.