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Finding an Apartment in Al Hidd

Bahrain is a growing and fast developing country that offers expats a great opportunity to develop their career and also take advantage of the high salaries and benefits that come along with working in the small gulf country. 

Bahrain aims at continuing to be a metropolitan country in the region, and is consistently announcing new projects and development plans that solidify its image as a regional and international powerhouse. While the country’s wealth comes mainly from oil, its focus on other areas such as real estate, tourism and hospitality are all playing a major part in increasing the country’s economical state. You can expect a high standard of living, a multicultural environment, and a high-quality transportation network when living in Bahrain.

While the Capital Governorate remain the most heavily populated area with a population of round 157,000 people, making it the country’s largest city. Many international companies operate out of Manama and offer job opportunities for those who are looking to make the move. As Bahrain’s capital, Manama is home to most government offices and foreign diplomatic staff stationed in the country.

However, Manama is not the only area that offers apartment rentals in Bahrain. Al Muharraq Governorate is one of the most popular areas in terms of finding housing, and is well liked by expats, especially that it is home to Amwaj Islands, which is one of the most luxurious residential and commercial developments in Bahrain.

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Al Hidd Apartments

Many buildings offer extra facilities such as pools and gyms

Al Hidd, located in Al Muharraq Governorate offers residents a number of properties for rent, which are more budget friendly than other areas of the country. Apartments for rent in Al Hidd are well liked by families and young professionals, and vary in their offerings. Apartments can be fully furnished, non-furnished or semi furnished, and depending on your budget and needs, you can easily find an apartment that will fit your lifestyle and requirements. For those looking to customize their home, Bahrain offers a number of furniture and home accessories shops, where you will be able to find a number of different items that can easily transform your home just the way you’d like, as well as suiting the budget that you place for yourself. 

Some buildings will also offer tenants extra facilities such as a swimming pool, a fitness centre and even a common room. This of course will increase the price of rent, but many find it convenient to have these facilities on site. The fast paced lifestyle of Bahraini means that apartments for rent are always in high demand, and with that said, once you have your heart set on an apartment, make sure you have all your paperwork ready and on hand when signing the rental agreement, in order to avoid disappointment.

Bahrain offers its residents a number of different areas to consider when renting an apartment, and Al Hidd is a popular choice for starting your search. And because of the high number of apartments available for rent in Bahrain, finding rentals within your set budget and one that suits your needs is becoming an easy task!